Good nutrition comes from the realisation that not every food supplier has your health in mind. We suggest that traditional cooking methods using whole-food ingredients is all that is required. All our food is prepared with loving care.

Stress management comes from the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation combined with the modern science of mindfulness and neuroscience. We provide only training programs suitable for every person at every level.

We are pragmatic and realistic and understand people live busy lives with many demands. We suggest a daily personal practice of 7 minutes can change your day, a day can change your week, a week can change a year, a year can change your life.

Paul von Bergen
CEO / Founder

Founder of Billabong Retreat & Goodness To You, dedicated to making the benefits of mindfulness and yoga accessible for all.

Victoria von Bergen

Passionate advocate for wholefood meals and traditional wisdom with Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine

Simon Favorito
Executive Chef

Executive Chef and Head Of Wholefood Education. Helping people to discover the magic of wholefood medicine

Rachelle Murphy
Head of Operations

Overseeing quality control and the cooking of all our delicious meals and making sure they get to you on time.