We deliver to Metropolitan Sydney each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday between 8am to 5pm and Saturday between 12am and 6am. Check your area here

Order by midnight Sunday for delivery that week. Otherwise delivery will be following week.

We will send you a SMS when the courier leaves with an ETA. If you are not going to be in we ask you to leave out an eski with ice blocks or we can loan you one for a $5 returnable deposit.

Delivery is flat rate of $15.

How Do You Keep It Cool?

All our meals are frozen and delivered in a freezer van. They should be put straight in the freezer or into a cool box on delivery

Is it safe during Covid-19?

Yes. Covid-19 has not been shown to be transmitted by food but we take many precautions anyway. Read about our kitchen hygiene and contactless delivery

Can I Change My Regular Order?

Yes at any time you can logon to your account and pause your subscription or change the items that come within it.

This needs to be done before your next payments date listed in your subscription. 

Each month you can do nothing and receive the same selection of meals and sides or choose to logon and change portion amounts or the chef’s selection of meals

How Are The Meals Delivered?

The meals come frozen. Simply pop them in the freezer until required. Defrost for 12 hrs in the fridge before use. Transfer to a saucepan and heat up for 5-10 minutes. Combine with salad, rice or pasta to serve.

How is Your Packaging Eco Friendly?

We have decided to avoid plastic by using PLA which is a plant based material that looks like plastic but can easily biodegrade in a commercial composting facility so please return these items to us so we can arrange this. Our meals are transported in cardboard boxes and cardboard and wool thermal liners – no polystyrene for us!

In the future we would like to move to reusable stainless steel containers

How Is Your Food Healthy?

Food must be healthy, nutritious and as natural as possible. As Hippocrates said “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

We only produce meals from whole-foods, ingredients as nature has produced them so we know exactly what is inside.

This means no additives, preservatives or hormones and only natural fats are used such as coconut oil, olive oil or animals fats.

We don’t use any refined vegetable oils, refined sugars or refined carbs.

We offer both meat based and vegetarian products and we respect each individuals choice.

Meats are sourced from traceable suppliers who are hormone free and free range.

We will be offering a premium 100% organic range in the future.

Yes that is fine – please logon to your account before 4pm Friday the week before or drop us an email. If you miss this deadline or need to change last minute drop us an email and we will do our very best to change the delivery day.